How To Prevent Extreme Pet Hair In Your Car

Here are some tips to make sure your dog bathing is as stress free and effective as possible to prevent extreme hair accumulation in your vehicle.

  • Dogs that spend a lot of time outdoors should be washed every 6 weeks or even more frequently.

  • Depending on the breed and activities of your dog, will determine how often you need to wash your dog. Dogs with more oily skin and coats will need to be washed more frequently. Likewise dogs with particularly dry skin will need moisturizing as part of their regular bathing routine.

  • Brush your dog daily between baths to help keep them clean. It helps them look and smell good.

  • Wait until your puppy is at least 5 weeks old before giving it its first bath.


  • Get your dog used to the idea of bathing before their first bath.

  • Touch their paws, run your hands over their ears and open their mouths a few times a day to get them to trust you.

  • Get them used to the sound of running water and reward positive behavior with treats.

  • If you think your dog may be a handful on their first bath, make sure you have someone to help you.


  • Brush your dog thoroughly before the bath to remove knots and matting. Petroleum jelly can help remove sticky substances caught in their fur.

  • Trim their nails before the bath, to reduce the risk of you getting scratched if they try to struggle. Use a muzzle if they tend to bite.

  • Get your dog used to the water by gently spraying their back and shoulders first. Avoid spraying your dog directly in the face while washing their head.

  • Massage the soap all the way into the skin. Be sure to clean under the neck, on the ear flaps and in the wrinkles on their face.

  • Keep washing until the water from washing your dog runs clear.

  • Reward good behavior with treats.

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